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Our Story


To make impossibly comfy clothes. Improve the environment. Bring social awareness to the street style of America's urban cities.

Why throw materials away when you can give them a better life? 

I AM NOT A VIRGIN is doing our part to reverse the health of our planet by rethinking the way we make clothing.

Society throws away 200 billion plastic bottles a year that end their life in a landfill. Each bottle takes nearly 500 years to decompose. We take these bottles, and with our recycling method, turn them into our eco-comfy line of clothes. Bottles out of the oceans and off the streets. Clothes on your back. Sweet. 

How we deliver the impossible?

We recycle plastic bottles with Polyester then blend them with recycled cotton to create a lusciously soft fabric.

For our factories, we only choose those with impeccable and human conscious manufacturing practices; making sure employee treatment is at the highest standards. Our current partners, are in India, the USA and Guatemala and they are all recognized as being a fair employer who is offering highly sought-after jobs.

To further reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, we’re developing an innovative yarn that uses 100% polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and discarded rice husks (instead of cotton) that will yield an unparalled eco-conscious and comfortable material.

Who is devoting their lives to better materials? 

A global team has banded together from respected fashion brands such as the Gap, Marc Jacobs, and J.Crew and innovative organizations like NBC and MoMA. The result is a group of scientists, designers and radical thinkers threaded together by a shared passion for pushing boundaries within the fashion and eco space. 


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